Jennifer Schaefer

Jennifer Schaefer provides a heart-centered, holistic approach to a healthy mind-body self-care lifestyle.

Jennifer Schaefer is an empowering force for women who are proactive in their health and emotional wellness.  As an International MindBody Coach and the visionary behind Reveal Your Inner Hero, Jennifer is dedicated to cultivating curiosity and fostering courageous confidence to enhance and transform the emotional well-being of women.  

 With a diverse range of expertise, including certifications as a Master Jungian Life and MindBody Coach, Master RIM Facilitator and Trainer, Goodbye Hurt and Pain Retreat Lead, Project Heal:  Bringing Emotional Safety into Classrooms with RIM, Canfield Trainer of The Success Principles, and Maxwell Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Trainer, Jennifer’s wisdom and insights have garnered recognition on esteemed platforms such as SYNC Your Life Podcast, Forge Your Life Podcast, Transformational Talk Radio, and local media outlets. 

Passionate about empowering women, Jennifer thrives on speaking and teaching engagements for women’s groups and organization.  Sharing the transformative power of developing a healthy and profound emotional relationship with yourself while creating sustainable self-care practices.  

Having guided countless women and entrepreneurs through their fears, traumas, and imposter syndrome, Jennifer possesses a unique ability so you can reveal your innate courage, helping you trust yourself, take bold actions and authentically express your truth.  

Jennifer also excels in facilitating women’s groups, offering experiences that overcome disruptive dynamics and propel group progress forward.  She is proud to be a co-author of the upcoming book on emotional processing and mastering inner triggers, showcasing her commitment to empowering women to navigate their emotional landscape with grace and resilience.  

Jennifer’s extensive experience as a Yoga instructor with students around the globe shines through in her teachings.  With over 1,000 classes taught, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her coaching practice, integrating her expertise as a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  

With a steadfast mission to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health, Jennifer champions the importance of real-time emotional processing and provides a bridge for your self-evolution.  She strives to create a world where emotional well-being is cherished, nurtured, and celebrated.