Jennifer Schaefer

Mind Body Coach

Jennifer believes in connecting individuals with their personal power, challenging the status quo of past conditioning, and that transformation is a miraculous journey from the inside out.

We can always count on a change in our life. We have seen this more clearly than ever before in the last couple of years. You may be experiencing changes personally or professionally, in a close relationship, caring for and educating your children in a new way, a change or ignoring of your health or self-care routine. These changes may leave you with overwhelm, stress, frustration, or self-doubt, questioning who you are now and how you got here, knowing you deserve something more. It is time to discover your meaningful journey.

The journey begins here to reconnect, refresh and transform the relationship with yourself through the art of self-care, self-compassion, and self-evolution.

It’s time to Reveal Your Inner Hero!

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