Jennifer Schaefer

MindBody & Emotional Wellness Coach

Imagine How Incredible it will Feel to Finally Prioritize your Health and State of Mind!

The journey begins here. Explore, Engage, Experience a transformation in the relationship you have with yourself and with others through the art of self-care, self-compassion, and self-evolution.

Jennifer Schaefer provides a heart-centered, holistic approach to a healthy mind-body self-care lifestyle.

Jennifer has been helping clients in health and wellness since 2011.  She is a wonderful and caring professional whose main interest is in helping people overcome emotional struggles and develop a healthy physical practice to enjoy life.  She has an international outreach and her clients voice great appreciation for her immense degree of compassion and effectiveness.

With a thirst for knowledge, Jenn shares generously with her clients and maintains her education and training in unique methods that set her apart from other practitioners. 

With Jenn’s expertise in MindBody Coaching with a specialization in Emotional Processing, she enjoys coaching and facilitating individuals, partners, families, groups, and organizations. 

Client Testimonials